25 Chris Brown Songs You Haven’t Heard.

Being the huge Chris Brown fan that I am, this blog post shouldn’t have come to a surprise for those who know me well. For the other Chris Brown fans out there who have been supporting and viewing my blog,  no worries, this will NOT be my only blog post about him!!! I’m too obsessed with him and his music to only brag about him once…

Here are 25 of my favorite Chris Brown songs that most of my viewers probably have not heard before: (other than us dedicated fans, of course)

  1. Blow It in the Wind – (Royalty Album)
  2. Trumpet Lights -ft. Sabrina Antionette (Fortune)
  3. See You Around – (X)
  4. Side Piece – (Before the Trap, Nights in Tarzana. OHB mixtape)
  5. Waiting – (X Files mixtape)
  6. Here We Go Again – (Before The Party mixtape)
  7. Party Hard Cadillac – (Fortune)
  8. All Off -ft. Seven and Kevin McCall (In My Zone 2 mixtape)
  9. Put It Up -ft. Rihanna
  10. Don’t Lie – (In My Zone-Gangsta Grillz mixtape)
  11. Home
  12. Private Dancer-ft.Se7en & Kevin McCall (Boy In Detention mixtape)
  13. Gangsta Way-ft. French Montana
  14. Open Road, I Love Her
  15. Go – (Before The Party mixtape)
  16. W.T.F.I.M.L
  17. Counterfeit -ft.Rihanna, Wiz Khalifia, & Kelly (Before the Party mixtape)
  18. Last Time Together – (In My Zone 2 mixtape)
  19. Time And A Place
  20. Convertible – (In My Zone-Gangsta Grillz mixtape)
  21. Give It Away
  22. Grass Aint Greener
  23. Roses Turn Blue – (Before the Party mixtape)
  24. All Back – (F.A.M.E)
  25. Remember My Name – (Fortune)

If you decide to check them out, let me know what you think about my picks!

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