29 thoughts I had during the BBMA’s.

So let’s just talk about last nights BBMA awards: 

1. Britney Spears performance was so Brittney. It didn’t surprise me one bit! So as always, I enjoyed it.

2. The first billboard award of the night was given to the weeknd, shocker (being that he was nominated 19 times for them)

3.JoJo introducing Shawn Mendes has perfection written all over it. And shawns performance: 9/10.

4. And man does Ashton Kutcher look good 😩

5.top hot 100 song: see you again. Good choice.

6.Fifth Harmony was on the night shift last night and their performance could do no wrong 😂

7. Meghan Trainors performance is yes 

8. Top country song goes to Thomas Rhett. To be honest I don’t know who that is…. 

9.DJ Khaled gets on stage and I then mute the tv so that I don’t lose any brain cells.

10. BIEBS!!! I would be more than happy to be your company. Maybe we can be each other’s company?

11. Ok where has pink been all of these years? I missed her. Comeback Performance: 10/10

12. ehhh not my favorite look for Jessica Alba.

13. Top male artist: BIEBS! I’m in heaven over here. Once again good choice. 

14. wait Nick Jonas and Tove lo sound the same live. They need to come out with more songs pronto. THEY KISSED. Is this real life??

15. Demi Lovato looks so pretty, even with the rock look. 

16. Okay I’m obsessed with the song 7 years old 😻😻😻 and also, they sound exactly the same live.

17. I am not about this Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani song, or them as a couple …

18. DNCE’s performance was rave, I loved it. Nick Jonas supporting his brother in the crowd is so cute 

19. Top billboard 200 album: Adele. Go figure. Biebs deserved it.

20. Adeles world premiere? Boring. 

21.keshas performance wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. Kinda disappointed 

22. Top R&B Song:  the hills by the weeknd. Are you kidding me? Post to be by Chris brown, Omarion, and Jhene Aiko totally deserved to have that award. Just saying. The hills isn’t even an R&B song. Ugh

23. Rihanna? Slayed. As always.

24. Celine dion’s speech when her son presented her the award was so sweet and well said. Love.

25.troye is okay. Just okay.

26. Okay go go go girls, get it. 

27. Billboard chart achievement award: Rihanna! Not complaining.

28. BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT: ARIANA GRANDE. I am so into this performance 💕

29. Madonnas tribute to prince was done out of love and respect and it was very well done. Great ending to the show!

Morning Thoughts: 2

Good morning everyone! I apologize for slacking a little on the blog lately, but studying for final exams consumed all of my time this past week or so! But, now that it is summer I have no excuses.. here are some of my morning thoughts 🙂

  1. Why is it that I get so excited for summer break, yet once it gets here I’m ready to be back in my old routine?
  2. How do people find coloring relaxing? I find it rather stressful. Having to decide which color looks best in which spot kinda just stresses me out…
  3. It feels amazing to be home and in my own room again for the summer. Being a college student, I thought that moving home and living under my parents roof again would be miserable but honestly I’m thoroughly enjoying it. (but, if you ask me about this in a week, my answer probably won’t be the same)
  4. Do people use wii’s anymore? Because I’m totally about to play cooking mama on the wii…
  5. Fifth Harmony performed Work From Home on Ellen and it sounded nothing like the song but it was somehow still perfect. I’m still kind of amazed at how good it was.. If you missed the performance, you can watch it here !

Finals Week Motivation.

As finals week is quickly approaching, the only thing that’s been on my mind lately is school. I’m at that point in the semester where I spend most of my time calculating how well I actually have to do on my final exam in order to keep an A in the class. I do this every semester. And I hate myself for it. Every semester. I’m wasting such valuable time trying to see how low of a grade I can make on an exam, rather than using this time wisely and learning more information.

Today, I found out that I would need to make a grade that is almost impossible to make on my final exam in order to keep an A in my class. In this moment, I automatically felt so unmotivated and hopeless. I started to question why I would even bother studying for a final that I know I won’t be able to get the grade I need on. As time goes by and I continue to question myself, I begin to feel less motivated to study for my final. At this point, I have lost all hope on passing my final, and I am no longer attempting to study for it.

THIS. This is why I hate myself for doing this every semester. We all have moments where we lose a little faith in ourselves. It’s bound to happen. BUT, we can’t let these moments get the best of us. We can’t let them control our minds, our feelings, and our moods. We have to learn to believe in ourselves. If we were able to believe in Santa Claus for like eight years, we can believe in ourselves for five minutes. Right?

Tell yourself that you can do it. But don’t just tell yourself that you can do it, believe it. Believing is the first step. After you believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to.

The all nighters will one day be worth it. That day may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow. But, the best rewards are the ones that don’t come easily. When you get that GPA you have been praying for all semester, you will be thankful that you pushed through your doubts, and through these endless hours of hard work. All it takes is a dream, and a little faith in yourself.

And last but not least, don’t forget to reward yourself. If you do the work, you will get rewarded. Go out with your friends after your final exam, go shopping, splurge a little. But after you get some sleep in, of course.

I hope this article was able to give you that little push that we could all use at this point in the semester! 

Until next time💕 

25 Chris Brown Songs You Haven’t Heard.

Being the huge Chris Brown fan that I am, this blog post shouldn’t have come to a surprise for those who know me well. For the other Chris Brown fans out there who have been supporting and viewing my blog,  no worries, this will NOT be my only blog post about him!!! I’m too obsessed with him and his music to only brag about him once…

Here are 25 of my favorite Chris Brown songs that most of my viewers probably have not heard before: (other than us dedicated fans, of course)

  1. Blow It in the Wind – (Royalty Album)
  2. Trumpet Lights -ft. Sabrina Antionette (Fortune)
  3. See You Around – (X)
  4. Side Piece – (Before the Trap, Nights in Tarzana. OHB mixtape)
  5. Waiting – (X Files mixtape)
  6. Here We Go Again – (Before The Party mixtape)
  7. Party Hard Cadillac – (Fortune)
  8. All Off -ft. Seven and Kevin McCall (In My Zone 2 mixtape)
  9. Put It Up -ft. Rihanna
  10. Don’t Lie – (In My Zone-Gangsta Grillz mixtape)
  11. Home
  12. Private Dancer-ft.Se7en & Kevin McCall (Boy In Detention mixtape)
  13. Gangsta Way-ft. French Montana
  14. Open Road, I Love Her
  15. Go – (Before The Party mixtape)
  16. W.T.F.I.M.L
  17. Counterfeit -ft.Rihanna, Wiz Khalifia, & Kelly (Before the Party mixtape)
  18. Last Time Together – (In My Zone 2 mixtape)
  19. Time And A Place
  20. Convertible – (In My Zone-Gangsta Grillz mixtape)
  21. Give It Away
  22. Grass Aint Greener
  23. Roses Turn Blue – (Before the Party mixtape)
  24. All Back – (F.A.M.E)
  25. Remember My Name – (Fortune)

If you decide to check them out, let me know what you think about my picks!